The Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Ring Road allows travelers to access the archipelago by car, bus or boat. The circular route of the Archipelago Trail, even though only approximately 250 kilometers in length, offers a surprising number of varied experiences. During your trip from one island to another, you will experience various ferries and vessels – most of which are free of charge.
The circular route can be taken starting in the historical city of Turku, and continuing through rural archipelago villages and astonishing Baltic Sea sceneries. The Archipelago Trail includes short trips by different vessels, stretching from a few minutes to almost an hour.

The Archipelago Trail can be taken from mid-May until the end of September. The Trail can be explored also during the winter, although a roundtrip without backtracking is only possible during the summer months.

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Public transportation

Bus in the western archipelago

>>> TLO Oy/Ab liikenne time tables

Bus from/to Turku
>>> Vainion liikenne time tables yellow ferries - Time tables
Ferries in the southwestern archipelago
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White ferries in western archipelago 

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